Enterprise AV over IP & Compass Control® Pro In-Depth Training - 4 Day/In-House

Expansive class immersing attendees in Key Digital's hardware-software solution.  In-depth education on Enterprise AV system configuration and all Compass Control® Pro programming levels.

Attendees may attend the entire course, or join for specific days in order to achieve their desired certification levels.
  • March 20-23, 2018
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Location: Key Digital HQ
    521 East 3rd Street,
    Mt. Vernon, NY 10553
  • Travel & Hotel Info
  • Hotel / Lunch Included
  • Please bring a PC or Mac
    with VM Software (Windows)

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Day 1 (AM):
Enterprise AV Integrated Audio, Video, Control Professional System Certification

  • Enterprise AV system intro and design
  • Network requirements and setup for Technology Partners
  • Key Digital Wizard software
  • Unit and System setup
  • System management interfaces
  • EAV Professional Certification

Day 1 (PM):
Key Digital Hardware & Software Certification

  • Digital video and audio product intro
  • System design for primary applications
  • Solution selling

Day 2:
Compass Control® Pro System Design and Modular Programming

  • Compass Control® Pro system introduction
  • C1 System Design Certification
  • Modular system programming
  • Hands-on stations with Compass Alliance™ Partners
  • Customizing modular macros
  • C1 Programming + Certification
  • Custom module development
  • IR, RS-232 and TCP/IP code-set management
  • C2 Device Management Certification

Day 3:
Getting Graphical – Custom GUI Programming Methods

  • Page layering for efficient multi-zone programming
  • GUI building with Compass graphical elements:
    • Simple GUI elements
    • Flick gesture control
    • Embedding web elements
  • Utilizing variables and macros
  • Logic building for GUI navigation
  • Bi-directional modules in custom GUI

Day 4:
Programming Professional

  • Finalizing custom GUI program
  • Index & Array advanced implementation
  • Custom GUI in core applications
  • C3 Certification presentation
  • Bi-directional driver session with Compass Control® Pro Engineers
  • Compass Control® Pro Q&A and crystal ball


Compass Control® Pro Online Training & Certification

All of the Authorized Compass Control® Pro Resellers go through, and must complete online Compass Control C1 Level Certification.

We have created an Online Training Courses to introduce our dealers to Compass Control® Pro and to train our dealers to become comfortable with Compass Control programming and system design.

  • Compass Control® C1 course completion is required for all Authorized Compass Control® Resellers.
Compass Control® Pro Online Training