Professional Activities
  • Year - 1999-Present
    Founder and President, Key Digital Systems
  • Year - 1991-2000
    Senior Manager, Toshiba America Consumer Products, Advanced Television Technology Center responsible for DVD authoring system software and architecture, development of Digital TV (DTV) receiver architecture and embedded software. Participated in formulation of technical and business strategy of DTV introduction in the US.
  • Year -1999
    Toshiba received Emmy Award for DVD technology development.
  • Year -1999
    Toshiba introduced 65" consumer HDTV with integrated DirecTV and ATSC modules.
  • Year - 1998
    Architect of ATVEF inclusion into ATSC data broadcasting standardization effort. Supported ATSC Digital TV standards promotion in the US and Russia.
  • Year - 1997, 98, 99, 00
    Member of National Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences (NATAS) and Chair of sub-committees on Motion estimation technology and Digital TV bit stream analyzers, Consumer Component video interfaces.
  • Year - 1997
    Co-author of Digital VCR chapter in McGrow Hill Digital Consumer Electronics Handbook.
  • Year - 1996
    Chairman of the SMPTE Working Group, responsible for recommending studio compression based DVCR standard procedures. Chairman of SMPTE conference session "DVD Authoring: A New Technology".
  • Year - 1995
    Co-Chairman of the ATV Working Group conference, developed new consumer compressed MPEG2 Digital VCR standard for US DTV and Europe DVB standards.
  • Year - 1994
    In cooperation with Warner Brothers developed architecture and system software for world first Digital Video Disk (DVD) MPEG2 based authoring system - key DVD enabling technology.
  • Year - 1991
    In cooperation with General Instruments developed and demonstrated world's first Digital Consumer HDTV VCR (DVCR) based on DigiCipher HDTV compression and Toshiba's consumer VCR deck technologies.
  • Year - 1987-1991
    Philips Research Lab, Department Head, Advanced Television Systems Research. Responsible for the development of the Philips family of analog and Grand Alliance digital MPEG 2 based HDTV systems including: participation in formulation of technical and business strategy and management of the department involved in all design aspects, building, promotion and demonstration of workable systems. Inventor in 37 US and foreign patents.
Awards & Honorary Degrees
  • ICCE best paper award in 1986.
Organizational Affiliations
  • SMPTE fellow, member of IEEE, member of ATSC