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The Key Digital workspace breeds productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Enable your workforce to reach new heights with Key Digital conferencing, signage, and control products.

Key Digital's product portfolio guarantees HDMI compatibility and provides streamlined control of all technologies within your conference or business suite. Key Digital® gives you complete control and automation of 'smart' lighting, climate, shades, privacy partitions, audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentations via Compass Control®.

System Examples
Integrated Conference Room Multi-Display Conference
Conference Room Solution

Installers face many challenges when creating a solution for a client, some of these challenges for a conference room solution may be:

Perfect Conference Room Solution
  • Updating source and display equipment to latest technology and standards
  • Creating an interactive user environment
  • Delivering corporate content and signage throughout the building
  • Providing access to all content on any video monitor
  • Providing a solution that any staff member can use with ease

Compass Control®
is the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® – as its backbone.

Key Digital® and Compass Control® will transform your conference room installation into an efficient and productive workspace. No longer will an IT Manager need to be pulled away from other projects to set up the room prior to each scheduled meeting. With a simple touch of a button, employees can easily set up the room, adjust the lights and shades, set up the audio and video teleconferencing system and turn on the projector for effortless presentations.

Compass Control® utilizes the latest technologies available like digital video and HDBaseT™ all the while interfacing with virtually any controllable device. With a completely customizable GUI, Compass Control can be tailored to fit any corporate environment making it the perfect fit for a conference room solution that provides endless functionality with growing technologies.

Qty Model Description
1 KD-CCKIT1000 Includes KD-MC1000 Master Controller, KD-ZRC300 ZigBee Wireless IR Universal Handheld Remote and KD-ZRX200 ZigBee Wireless to RS-232 Tx & Rx
1 KD-4x4CSK 4 Inputs to 4 Outputs HDMI Matrix Switcher, supports Ultra HD/4K
1 KD-HD4x1ProK 4 to 1 HDMI Switcher with Audio De-Embedder, Coaxial & Optical Digital Audio, Analog L/R, supports Ultra HD/4K
1 KD-ProCL1 Compass Control® Software License, Supports Apple iOS (1 Unit)
4 KD-X400ProK HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Extenders (Tx + Rx Set) with IR/RS-232, support Ultra HD/4K
Key Digital Provides Crystal Clear Picture Quality to
University of Chicago Medical Center

Matt Carr, an installer with Midwest Interstate Electric, was asked to complete installation for a cancer research lab at the University of Chicago Medical Center in Chicago, IL.

According to Matt, this particular lab specialized in testing and researching cancerous fibers. Matt knew that the challenge in this installation would be providing the highest quality high definition video in order to ensure accurate images were displayed on multiple 42” LCD TVs in the lab. In fact, Matt stated that “Clarity was a definite if not main factor.” The lab layout consisted of multiple HD microscopes which transmitted their images via HDMI to series of 42” LCD TVs at the front of the lab.

Matt turned to our HDMI via CAT5e/6 Extenders to run HDMI over CAT5e/6 from the microscopes to the TVs. Key Digital’s HDMI extender can send 1080p/60 signals up to 150 ft. and 1080p/24, 1080i, and 720p signals up to 300 ft. over dual CAT5e/6 cables.

Matt stated that he’d, “…never used Key Digital products before,” but had heard of our reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. He commented that the HDMI via CAT5e/6 Extenders small size made it easy to hide behind a monitor which allowed for a clean installation. Its compact nature allows it to be placed in a wide array of installations where even the tightest space is a nonissue as its diminutive size does not sacrifice quality, durability, or picture clarity.

Matt was both satisfied and impressed by the breadth of abilities that our HDMI via CAT5e/6 Extenders possessed. His installation will now give University of Chicago Medical Center researchers the ability to see cancerous cells in amazing clarity and potentially help discover future advances in the fight against cancer.