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Make your Bar & Restaurant the place-to-go by delivering brilliant, uncompressed video signals to your displays without the clutter of a cable box at each television. Control audio, video, lighting and more while automating your staff's daily routines with Compass Control.

Need to control and view a wide range of video displays during sporting events throughout a bar? Key Digital's powerful HDMI matrix switchers and HDMI Extenders give you that ability. With the power of Compass Control®, the ability to view the hottest game on any desired display is a reality. Surprise your customers in your next bar or restaurant video system installation with Key Digital's award-winning video products.

System Examples
Sports Bar or Restaurant Large Multi-Level Restaurant
Ultimate Bar or Restaurant Solution

Any bar/restaurant installation will challenge an installer with many technological and equipment issues and decisions:

  • Bar or Restaurant Solution
    Ability to display any game on any video source at a given time
  • Control the lighting and HVAC with one button to keep the guest satisfied
  • Friendly UI so any staff member can use the system with minimal training

Compass Control®
is the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® – as its backbone.

Key Digital® and Compass Control® will transform any bar and restaurant into the place to go for the big game or event creating the ultimate fan experience. With a Key Digital® Matrix Switcher, you will have the ability to put any video source on any display so your patrons won't miss a second of the action regardless of where they sit. Not only will your client save money by limiting the number of cable or satellite boxes required, but each display can be used as digital signage, showing upcoming promotions.

Compass Control® offers the latest technologies available by utilizing digital video and HDBaseT™ while interfacing with virtually any controllable device. With a completely customizable user interface, Compass Control® can be visually customized to comply to customers' brand. With a simple touch of a button, the lighting and shades can be set for lunch or dinner services, projectors or displays are now under full control without having to grab the remotes for each display, and audio is fully controlled from iOS.

Qty Model Description
1 KD-HD16x16ProK 16 Inputs to 16 Outputs HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switcher, supports Ultra HD/4K. Includes 16 HDBaseT/HDMI Receiver Extenders - KD-X16x16Rx
5 KD-MC1000 Master Controller (Wired/LAN, supports up to 8 Ports)
1 KD-ProCL1 Compass Control® Software License, Supports Apple iOS (1 Unit)
32 KD-HIFI6 6 ft. VW1 UL Rated HDMI Cable - 21.5 Gbps, 4K, 3D, ARC and Ethernet
Canz – a Citi Roadhouse Partners with Key Digital for
Successful HD Video Distribution

Canz – A Citi Roadhouse, a popular chain of sports bars in the New York City Metropolitan Area, recently asked Dan Welsch of Suffolk AV to put together a pair of component video systems in their Patchogue, NY and Manhattan locations respectively.

Dan noted that Canz was, “…ambitious and displayed fast growth…” and that Canz needed an equally ambitious matrix switching solution. The Patchogue and Manhattan branches of Canz already had existing, but unsatisfactory matrix switching solutions installed and so they turned to a brand they knew would be able to solve the problem.

The Patchogue location required an 8X48 matrix of component HD video. Dan chose Key Digital’s Fat Boy Series™ KD-MSV8X48 component video matrix switcher because he knew that he needed a bulletproof solution to work day-in and day-out. When discussing the need for a great matrix switcher to support the 8 DirectTV boxes and 48 televisions, Dan mentioned that, “You need great component video switchers to handle a large installation like this…” and that he was impressed by the quality and ease of use demonstrated by Key Digital’s FatBoy Series matrix switchers.

Dan turned to Key Digital again for Canz’s Manhattan branch where a similar 8X32 matrix system was needed to distribute HD video cleanly throughout the bar space. Key Digital was able to provide a Fat Boy Series™ KD-MSV8X32 component video matrix switcher and Dan was able to save the day for Canz.

In the end, Dan and Canz were very satisfied with Key Digital’s ability to conquer an analog video system design with ease. The system not only proved durable for the customer, but also allowed Canz’s multiple branches to enjoy the benefits of seamlessly distributed and crystal clear HD video.

Key Digital makes every Play Count with Crystal Clear HD Video at Wildside Bar & Grill

Wildside Bar & Grill in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando, FL recently asked Travis Bilskie of Xtreme Installations to put together a flexible and robust analog video system which could support the 20 plus TVs in the bar space and a dedicated HDMI connection to a main 60” 3D TV. HD clarity, signal strength, and length were the primary concerns for Wildside and Travis immediately suggested that they use Key Digital’s Green Dragon Series™ KD-GDCVAAB component video baluns, FatCAT Series™ KD-CATHD HDMI balun as well as a Fat Boy Series™ KD-MSV16X24 component video matrix switcher.

Travis suggested Wildside use Key Digital products because, “I’ve found that Key Digital provides equipment that works at a good value.” Key Digital was able to address the needs of Travis’ installation by providing component video baluns which could easily handle the 20 to 150 ft. cable runs of CAT5. The Fat Boy Series KD-MSV16X24 matrix switcher was also able to accommodate 16 Direct TV boxes and route video to 20 plus TVs in crystal clear high definition as it has built-in circuitry which allows for cable (RG6) runs up to 300 ft. without signal degradation. Additionally, our KD-MSV16X24 matrix switcher does not compress the signal regardless of how many TVs are present in the system. Our component video products provide the most powerful complete analog solution at the best value.

The bar also had a main 60” 3D LCD monitor which was to be used in conjunction with a dedicated HD DVR box. Travis wanted an easy and reliable solution to send digital HD video over a certain distance. The solution came in the form of Key Digital’s KD-CATHD HDMI balun which can send HDMI 1080p/60 signals up to 150 feet and HDMI 1080p/24, 1080i, 720p signals up to 300 feet over dual CAT 5e/6 cables. The FatCat Series KD-CATHD HDMI balun also supports both 3D and 4K resolution which guaranteed that Travis’ installation could keep up with the next generation of digital video technologies.

Overall Travis and Wildside Bar & Grill were both satisfied and impressed with Key Digital’s ability to conquer an analog video system design with ease. The system proved both reliable and durable for the customer.