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Compass Control - The first truly integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices - iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch - as its backbone.
Section 1.
Compass Navigator Updates
Section 2.
Compass Control® App Updates
Section 3.
Bi-Directional Driver Updates
Section 4.
Customer Spotlight
Section 5.
Compass Control® Videos
Compass Control iOS App Updates
Compass Control App on the App Store With the power of iOS and the Compass Control® App for the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod® touch, control for your dream system has become a reality thanks to simple swipe gestures and the simplicity of Compass Control’s beautiful graphic interface.

Compass Control App 1.1.15


  • Selected demos are loaded into iPad without need to re-download each time
    • Can press cycle to look for new demos


  • Up to 12 projects can be added to iOS
    • Can be real projects with all information about MC etc (ideal for end-user with multiple compass system in different sites)
    • Can be demo projects also
  • To add to archive, load-in desired project, go to Archive and press download cloud to add in
  • Can be replaced if occupied archive is re-downloaded

Main Project

  • Aka Active project loaded in

To create your own demo

  • Remove all MCs completely
  • IP devices should be set to
  • Save as and load project to iOS
  • Add to archive


  • Recommended that all devices that will be in the System Designer tree be named without any spaces or special characters
Bi-Directional Driver Updates



  • Custom Driver available with Demo Project
  • Bi-Directional Driver over IP
  • IR Control from MCA-C Controllers
  • Tuner/Media/iPod/Audio Controls
  • Zone Control
  • Overview Video

Phoenix Audio

Phoenix Audio Technologies

  • Bi-Directional Driver control over RS
  • Control Microphones and Speakers
  • Volume Control
  • Mute Control
  • Overview Video


Lutron RadioRA2

  • Full Bi-Directional Driver controlled over IP
  • Easy Integration into Compass Control with XML File Import
  • Compatible with all Radio Ra 2 equipment (Shades, HVAC, Dimmers, Switches, Fan, and more)
  • Overview Video



  • Full Bi-Directional Control over Web App
  • Thermostat mode control, scheduling control, and settings control
  • Local Network not needed. Control Nest Thermostat globally
  • Overview Video
Compass Control Customer Spotlight

Our friends at Tech Dwellings did an amazing Compass Control install for Wash Park Sports Alley Bar & Grill

Our friends at Home Audio Video Pro did an amazing Compass Control install for Wasted Grain bar
Compass Control Video Spotlight

Compass Control Live Demo Video

KD-CCKIT1000 Compass Control KIT Video Overview

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Phone: 914.667.9700
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