Steadfast Technology for Mission-Critical Operations
Depend on secure, steadfast technology

Your government applications depend on steadfast technology for mission-critical operations in command centers, courts, councils and conferences. Key Digital is the brand to rely on to deliver unparalleled AV system software, with the track record to prove that our products and software integrate seamlessly.

Command & Operation Centers

NOC/SOC Installations require robust, scalable technologies with 24/7 operation capabilities. Key Digital precisely tailors its video and audio products to handle the challenges of NOC/SOC application: control over long distance runs, HDMI distribution, and high end picture quality.

Government & Court Buildings

Faculty and students alike should be able to take advantage of innovative technology. No more wasting time on tech issues. With Key Digital products in your educational and tech labs, learning will reach new heights without the hassle.

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Flexible, comprehensive, and integrated solutions
Digital Video Solutions to Address Government Demands

Key Digital productsand control solutions are built for any governemnt installation, from military facilities to intelligence training centers. We provide variety of digital video solutions able to resolve such pressing issues as long distance video delivery; secure CCTV and access control, and more.

Easy to learn user interfaces for seamless staff training and transitions

Compass Control® Prohas a friendly UI so any staff member can use the system with minimal training. Our control solutions and interfaces are aimed to minimize traning and support investment, addressing cost-demanding government projects.

Bulletproof technology infrastructure

Our system design experts consult on the optimal way to upgrade your system and make your products look - and sell - better than ever. Key Digital precisely tailors its video and audio products to handle the challenges of retail demands: control over long distance runs, HDMI distribution, and high end picture quality.

Listen to Our Customers
“Key Digital has always made excellent products. [Key Digital] has a ton of patents behind their belt. … When you call into their tech support, they’re always there to help you.”
- Wesley, Inprogress
Cost-Effective Project Integration with Compass Alliance Partners
Climate & HVAC

Key Digital easily integrates and providesfull control of HVAC and Climate Systems. Supporting basic and scheduled control of HVAC system, Compass Contro®l Pro seamlessly integrates our partner systems into any governmetn or court buildings, providing multi-zone access and ease of use.

Security & CCTV

Integrate video surveillance and alarm systems to deliver a unified viewing security center to deliver a single, simplistic interface and true piece of mind. Our products culminate in a comprehensive security system, allowing you full control and view of all your security components.

Lighting & Shades

Compass Control offers full integration and eco-management of system lighting. Boasting full integration with the leading lighting control systems, such as Lutron and GE Lighting, Compass Control simplifies your lighting control interface, while increasing efficiency and ease of access.

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Key Digital Integrated Systems & Products Lines
Key Digital Integrated Systems - Open Hardware & Software Ecosystem
Key Digital® Integrated Systems deliver flexible and expandable hardware and software systems, complete with end-user control solutions and featuring latest digital video technologies that deliver high-end commercial technologies. Compass Alliance™ Partners allow easy integration of their products, as well as flexibility of system expansion. All under one fully integrated control system - Compass Control® Pro.

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