In the last few years, CAT5e/6 cabling has become a popular method of carrying both analog and digital video signals. CAT5e/6’s popularity proliferated as the result of an increase in the number of ‘ethernet enabled’ homes and businesses. This resulting change allowed for a decrease in the cost of CAT5e/6 and an increase in cable quality. With these changes in CAT5e/6 and new advances in signal processing, equipment such as Switchers and Video Processors came into being in order to compensate for the inherent disadvantages of CAT5e/6. Key Digital® took advantage of these breakthroughs and introduced a wide range of connectivity devices to harness the potential of CAT5e/6 cabling.

As one of the few vertically integrated companies remaining in the A/V industry today, Key Digital prides itself on providing reliable and versatile products which address the needs of both commercial and residential installations. Key Digital is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer that is involved in all aspects of A/V system creation from cabling and extenders to matrix switches and video processors.

I’ve had the pleasure of helming a company which is at the forefront of technology and gives installers piece of mind as they seek out all of their A/V solutions from one source. As technology changes, and HDMI as well as CAT5e/6 continue to become the dominant method for device connectivity, Key Digital strives for better performance and faster installs. Despite the complexity of HDMI, Key Digital is able to maintain a relatively simple approach to connectivity: provide the highest quality cabling and equipment so that the installation is done right and done once.

One way that Key Digital strives to achieve this goal is through a series of new product introductions this year including: HDMI Switchers, Matrix Switchers, CAT5e/6 Baluns/Extenders, and our first foray into Audio Converters. Over the course of this year we look forward to sharing our new products with you and continuing to see you succeed with our products in your installation.

While technology may change, Key Digital will continue its everlasting commitment to its valued customers. We're excited for this year and excited to be working with you again.

All the best, Mike Tsinberg, President and CEO, Key Digital