Jan, 2012
Key Digital makes every Play Count with Crystal Clear HD Component Video at Wildside Bar & Grill

Wildside Bar & Grill in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando, FL recently asked Travis Bilskie of Xtreme Installations to put together a flexible and robust analog video system which could support the 20 plus TVs in the bar space and a dedicated HDMI connection to a main 60” 3D TV. HD clarity, signal strength, and length were the primary concerns for Wildside and Travis immediately suggested that they use Key Digital’s Green Dragon Series™ KD-GDCVAAB component video baluns, FatCAT Series™ KD-CATHD HDMI balun as well as a Fat Boy Series™ KD-MSV16X24 component video matrix switcher.

Travis suggested Wildside use Key Digital products because, “I’ve found that Key Digital provides equipment that works at a good value.” Key Digital was able to address the needs of Travis’ installation by providing component video baluns which could easily handle the 20 to 150 ft. cable runs of CAT5. The Fat Boy Series KD-MSV16X24 matrix switcher was also able to accommodate 16 Direct TV boxes and route video to 20 plus TVs in crystal clear high definition as it has built-in circuitry which allows for cable (RG6) runs up to 300 ft. without signal degradation. Additionally, our Fat Boy Series KD-MSV16X24 matrix switcher does not compress the signal regardless of how many TVs are present in the system. Our component video products provide the most powerful complete analog solution at the best value.

The bar also had a main 60” 3D LCD monitor which was to be used in conjunction with a dedicated HD DVR box. Travis wanted an easy and reliable solution to send digital HD video over a certain distance. The solution came in the form of Key Digital’s FatCat Series KD-CATHD HDMI balun which can send HDMI 1080p/60 signals up to 150 feet and HDMI 1080p/24, 1080i, 720p signals up to 300 feet over dual CAT 5e/6 cables. The FatCat Series KD-CATHD HDMI balun also supports both 3D and 4K resolution which guaranteed that Travis’ installation could keep up with the next generation of digital video technologies.

Overall Travis and Wildside Bar & Grill were both satisfied and impressed with Key Digital’s ability to conquer an analog video system design with ease. The system proved both reliable and durable for the customer. Come see why Key Digital’s powerful product portfolio is right for your next installation.

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