Sept, 2012
Key Digital brings a calming atmosphere to Westmed – Ridge Hill

In October of 2011, Eli Hezi of EssentialCom, based in White Plains, NY, was contracted to perform the AV install for Westmed's series of Samsung digital signage displays. Westmed's goal was to utilize the displays to show peaceful images and create a relaxing office environment.

During the course of 2011, Westmed Medical Group was in the process of constructing a brand new multi-story medical facility in Westchester's Ridge Hill outdoor lifestyle center located in Yonkers, NY. Additionally the facility required that 72 displays be used with a live deployment in a short 6 week time frame.

Further complicating this installation were a series of challenges:

  • Insufficient space for video walls, displays and players (only 2.5" depth available)
  • Long cable runs, airflow management issues, power outlets, the display size and display location
  • Extending the HD video source to 300ft.
  • Equipment availability and tight schedule, 6 weeks from PO to grand opening
  • Management required top of the line equipment and highest resolution and performance while remaining within budget

In order to meet these challenges, Eli turned to a brand he knew would be able to provide the bulletproof HDMI performance that Westmed required for its video walls. Key Digital® was able to provide Eli with the FatCat Series KD-CATHD500 HDMI with HDBaseT balun kit to give Eli the kind of robust engineering necessary for a complicated and tightly scheduled installation such as Westmed – Ridge Hill. The FatCat Series KD-CATHD500 HDMI with HDBaseT balun kit allowed Eli to send and receive combined HDMI/DVI, IR, RS-232 and ethernet signals over a single CAT6/STP cable.

Key Digital® gave Westmed and Eli the flexibility, durability, and quality that they expected from an innovative manufacturer. Additionally, the FatCat Series KD-CATHD500 is able support up to 400ft on 1080p/60, support up to 600ft on 1080i/60 with IR, when used with FatCat Series KD-CAT6STP1X cabling with KD-RJ45SC shielded connectors. This meant that Eli would easily be able to address the long cable run requirement stipulated by Westmed.

Eli was able to meet the demands of his installation with Key Digital® and stated that, "The video signal was transmitted via long range HDMI extenders (KD-CATHD500) via CAT6 to each of the 72 displays throughout the 85,000 Square/ft facility." In fact Eli went on to say that the, "Grand opening was very successful with great feedback from patients, doctors, and management… We were able to improve the patient experience through a calm and welcoming environment in waiting rooms and corridors throughout the facility."

Come and see how Key Digital® can enable "truly digital" digital signage for your next installation by visiting us at

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