March, 2012
Key Digital Brings HDMI Home in Kelowna, British Columbia

When Lawrence Josey, an installer with Wescom Systems Corporation located in British Columbia, was asked to install a comprehensive smart home system for a residence in beautiful Kelowna, BC, he knew he wanted HDMI as the video delivery method.

Lawrence explained that, this beautiful lakeside residence required HDMI video distribution for six cable boxes, 2 Blue Ray's and a camera DVR so as to compliment the beauty of Kelowna. He also noted that he needed an HDMI matrix switcher which would “fit right in” with the control system he had selected for the residence. Lawrence suggested that the customer have him purchase a Key Digital Hercules Series model KD-HDMS8X8-9X7 HDMI matrix switcher because of its convenience and unstoppable performance in demanding installations otherwise his customer would have been required to purchase a 16x16 matrix switch (the smallest available besides Key Digital) from another manufacturer at considerably higher cost. He also suggested use of our Phantom Series™ model KD-HDDA1X1 HDMI Booster and Buffer to strengthen the digital video signal on the cable run. Due to a highly complex system of HDMI devices to be integrated, Wescom Systems utilized the Phantom Series™ model KD-HDDA1X1 HDMI booster and buffer to guarantee uninterrupted HDMI video and audio. The last piece of the puzzle was Key Digital’s Hot Rod Series model KD-VP1250 Video Processor which easily tied in analog sources into the HDMI matrix for seamless integration.

The Hercules Series™ model KD-HDMS8X8-9X7 is the premier HDMI matrix switcher on the market today and has the capability to tackle any residential or commercial installation. This HDMI matrix switcher offers Video, Audio, IR and RS-232 distribution via a single CAT6/STP cable, Full Audio control per output for volume, treble, bass, balance, and lip-sync 2-ch stereo formats from analog or digital sources, and Full Buffering of HDCP and EDID for seamless and fast switching.

Having already familiarized himself with Key Digital products, Lawrence had a successful experience with his installation and with the help of Key Digital’s System Design Group, was able to deliver with digital.

Lawrence was satisfied and confident that Key Digital had given him the necessary tools for yet another bulletproof installation at his client’s Kelowna, BC location. Come see why Key Digital’s powerful product portfolio is right for your next installation.

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