Feb, 2010
Flyway Film Festival Takes Off With Key Digital’s
Hot Rod Series™ Video Processor

Key Digital, the Experts in Digital Video Technology and Solutions, was recently called upon to help address the needs of a difficult installation at the Flyway Film Festival (http://flywayfilmfestival.org) in Pepin, WI. Fred Harding, Technical Sales and Design Representative at Capitol Sales, was managing the festival and saw that filmmakers were presenting their work through a variety of formats. Fred realized that he was dealing with a slew of formats ranging from AVI files on a computer to Blu-Ray discs in 1080p as well as component and HDMI sources. He knew he needed a universal distribution center that could easily handle any format from any source as well as connect to his projectors to please the 2,500 attendees at the film festival.

Fred had previously had a very positive experience with Key Digital’s past products and as a result turned to Key Digital again for his video distribution needs. However this time around he needed a video processor which could handle a wide array of formats, deal with EDID issues, and negotiate the handshake with no problem. Instead of searching for multiple pieces of expensive equipment from other manufacturers, Fred chose the Hot Rod Series™ KD-VP2500 video processor and universal distribution center from Key Digital. Through the VP-2500, Fred was able to send any video source to either of the displays in the two separate theaters at the film festival as well as deal with formats ranging from “digibeta” files to Blu-Ray discs.

According to Fred, “The goal with the KD-VP2500 was to make playing filmmakers’ media easy and carefree.” Key Digital’s Dan O’ Donnell stated that, “Key Digital not only exceeded Fred’s goal, but insured that each and every film displayed in 1080p HD clarity.”


The incredibly robust KD-VP2500 contains Key Digital’s Clear Matrix Pro and SDS (Super Digital Scaling) circuits. These circuits allow de-interlacing and up converting from virtually any standard digital or analog source to the resolution of the video display used in a system and can scale up to 1080p HD. This accomplished video processor gives dealers and installers the best option for universal HD video distribution without sacrificing quality, performance, or reliability.

In fact, the KD-VP2500 video processor enabled Fred to be proactive when constructing his installation since it acted not only as a video processor, but also as both a universal distribution center and a video switch which can handle 11 different input ports to 1 HDMI/DVI or 1 Component output.

Further qualifying the KD-VP2500 as one of the best scalers in the industry was Fred’s comment about an NYC filmmaker at the festival who approached him saying that, “He’d never seen his picture look so crisp and clear.”

What impressed Fred and the staff of the film festival the most was being able to switch formats and inputs at the simple push of a button. Key Digital’s Hot Rod Series™ KD-VP2500 video processor demonstrated its durability, performance, and commercial-grade construction through it’s trial by fire at the film festival where it operated continuously for 4 days with no issues whatsoever.

Fred closed his Key Digital success story by confirming why our video processors are the all-in-one distribution solution with the following words, “You can’t mess around when you’re presenting a filmmaker’s work in front of an audience of 2,500 people. You need quality, reliability, and high performance when equipment is being used this hard. Key Digital has proven to me twice over now that their products deliver each and every time with no exceptions.”

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