Dec, 2009
Key Digital Seamlessly Integrates Residential Installation
in Desert Mountain, AZ

Key Digital has done it again with the Hercules Series™, Model KD-HDMS8x8!
Key Digital equipment was the all-in-one solution for a residential system in Desert Mountain, AZ where the KD-HDMS8x8 Hercules Series™ matrix switcher was easily able to simplify a previously complicated installation. Ed Crick, owner of ISV, designed a system where the customer wanted strictly 1080p on all of the displays.

Ed noted that the original system racks in place, “…were a mess and the system had splices installed in various locations by a company that obviously had no technical background regarding UTP terminations…”

The system had three Blu-Ray players and three satellite receivers with 1080p output as sources and had multiple high definition LED displays as outputs. Additionally, the system was going from component video to HDMI 1.3/1.4.

According to Ed, the biggest obstacle with this installation was, “…transmitting a signal via a single CAT5 in a pre-wired home since CAT5 cannot added or removed from a pre-wired residence. This was one of the reasons why I chose Key Digital’s KD-HDMS8x8 over other comparable HDMI matrix switchers.”

The KD-HDMS8x8 is Key Digital’s Hercules Series™ Matrix switcher capable of switching up to 8 HDMI/DVI Video Sources/Inputs to 8 independent Zones/Outputs via HDMI and CAT6/STP. This advanced HDMI matrix switcher is designed especially for complex residential applications. The incredibly versatile KD-HDMS8x8-13x3 can accommodate a wide spectrum of residential applications due to 16 flexible slots which can be configured for any combination of 16. The KD-HDMS8x8 allows for easy programming, simple operation, and flexibility due to full audio control for each output including: volume, treble, bass, balance, and lip-sync.

Ed commented on the KD-HDMS8x8’s ease of installation by stating that, “… the installation was straightforward with no real hang ups. Key Digital made it easy, fast, and seamless.”

Further simplifying a board/conference room A/V system installation is the KD-HDMS8x8’s ability to be controlled by IP and connect between IP and RS-232 connections. This gives installers peace of mind and control when attempting to bridge complicated IP and non-IP devices.

As a testament to its ability to power through even the toughest residential installations, Ed had this to say about KD-HDMS8X8, “Key Digital pushed past multiple CAT5 splices and even a 66 punch block splice as well as random flaws of poorly terminated previous work and still produced a 1080p-60Hz with a 5.1 PCM digital audio at over 116 ft.”

Here at Key Digital, our products speak for themselves and have garnered a great reputation as being the “fixers” for installations across the country.

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