May, 2012
Key Digital Brings a Smile to a New Jersey Dental Practice

Jason Schraer, an installer with Custom Electronic Systems, Inc. in Tinton Falls, NJ, was asked to complete a video installation for the office of Dr. Max Sulla, D.D.S in Freehold, NJ. According to Jason, Dr. Sulla’s practice contained 15 TVs and Dr. Sulla needed each TV to be able to display Verizon FiOS or Sony PlayStation 3 content.

Dr. Sulla wanted the simplest system possible with ease of use and reliability driving his choice of AV products. Jason suggested that he purchase a Key Digital Phantom Series™ KD-HDSW2X1 HDMI switcher, three Phantom Series™ KD-HDDA1X4 HDMI distribution amplifiers, and twenty of our FatCat Series KD-CATHDX HDMI baluns because of their convenience and value. The combination of the Phantom Series KD-HDSW2X1 and KD-HDDA1X4s unbeatable and made for an clean installation without the need for additional expensive equipment. In fact, Jason stated that choosing the KD-HDSW2X1 and KD-HDDA1 was “easy” and had completed previous successful installations utilizing Key Digital’s award-winning products.

Jason also discussed the seamless installation by saying that it was “fairly straightforward.” Our FatCat Series KD-CATHDX HDMI balun, Phantom Series KD-HDSW2X1 HDMI switcher, Phantom Series KD-HDDA1X4 HDMI distribution amplifier, and HD Python Series Premium Commercial HDMI cables gave Jason a fully adaptable turnkey solution for Dr. Sulla’s office. Already familiar with Key Digital products, Jason had a successful experience with his installation and was able to make the necessary cable runs to all 15 TVs in the doctor’s practice. Jason and Dr. Sulla were satisfied with the installation and plan on seeking out Key Digital’s expertise and award winning products for future installations and upgrades.

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