Jul, 2011
Boscov's Department Store 100+ Displays HDMI Retail Installation

Boscov's Department Store achieves success with 100 HD Displays, 4 HDMI Sources, and custom HDMI Distribution Solutions from Key Digital.

Last summer we received a call from long time Key Digital customer Boscov’s. They have been using Key Digital Component Video distribution amplifiers for over 10 years in all of their 30+ locations but had some questions about taking their showrooms to the next level.

As they prepared their Moorestown, NJ store for renovation including a state of the art A/V department makeover, they wanted to explore their options for upgrading the system to 1080p with 3D ready capability via HDMI.

Boscov's, like many other A/V retailers, have been hearing lots of rumors on what they can and can’t do with HDMI. Rumors such as, “you can only run HDMI 30 ft.” or “you can only share an HDMI source with 2-3 displays, anything more and you will have lots of handshake issues and problems”. These issues are unacceptable for a retailer; but all of them have been resolved and proven incorrect by Key Digital.

Key Digital’s high level of in-house HDMI engineering is led by multiple HD Digital patents holder & Guru Mike Tsinberg. Our advanced hardware and software allow any one HDMI source to be distributed to up to 512 displays without any digital loss, audio dropouts, flashing screens, or inter-brand compatibility issues customers read about and experience everyday.

In order to accomplish this 100+ display system, we started with an SDG (Key Digital’s System Design Group: SDG@keydigital.com) diagram and planned a system that took into consideration the needs of Boscovs new showroom layout.

The Key Digital SDG team quickly reviewed the directives on how Boscovs wanted to merchandize their new showroom floor by working within the given layout and without altering the goals of the big box retailer. Once the design was delivered, the next step was training Boscov’s installation team at Key Digital’s world headquarters in Mount Vernon, NY to handle the upgrade. During this time, we were able to demonstrate to them the ease of Key Digital HDMI solutions that were implementd in the installation for connecting multiple displays of many different sizes and manufacturers at our advanced engineering and testing lab.

Boscovs wanted stunning 1080p 3D ready HDMI signals run to every display showing the same source so their customers could have an “apples to apples” comparison instead of only one display looking like it had “spiff technology”. This was achieved through HDMI switching and distribution solutions with our Phantom Series™ line of HDMI Switchers (KD-HDSW4x1Pro) and Distribution Amplifiers (KD-HDDA1X8). The large floor layout challenge was addressed with Key Digital's FatCAT Series™ KD-CATHD150 Baluns, enabling long distance distribution of the HDMI Signals via CAT5/6 cables.

The investment that Boscovs made on converting this showroom to 1080p 3D ready HDMI from Key Digital is sure to pay HUGE dividends, and paves the way for the rest of the 30 stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions to be the first to have a fully digital sales floor.

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