Excitement and Anticipation Grows as Key Digital Announces Products to be Showcased at CEDIA 2017
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Excitement and Anticipation Grows as Key Digital Announces Products to be Showcased at CEDIA 2017

MOUNT VERNON, NY - Key Digital, Inc. – July 10, 2017Key Digital, the leaders in digital video and control systems, extend an exclusive invitation to Booth 3223 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA. Asserting their success with new product lines and updates to customer favorites, the company is anxious to demonstrate how their services seamlessly integrate in corporate, bar & restaurant, digital signage, education, government, and house of worship applications.

Showcased at CEDIA this year will be the KD-IP1080 and KD-IP922 - two of Key Digital’s expansive solutions for AV over IP in digital signage, updates to the popular multiview presentation switcher - the KD-MLV4x2PRO, the KD-PRO8x8D video matrix switcher with audio DSP an all-in-one solution for commercial video distribution, the KD-MAX8x8 eight input to eight output audio matrix switcher with built-in audio DSP, the KD-AMP220 compact digital audio amplifier, and Key Digital’s expansion of Compass Control Pro, the first fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS & Android devices to replace traditional control interfaces. The company plans to discuss these products and more, as well as their game-changing solutions for commercial applications.

On Thursday, September 7th, from 2 – 3pm attendees can catch an exciting product training on enterprise AV KD-IP922 system UHD / 4K encoder and decoder designed for video wall functionality, KVM, and simple expansion beyond 48 port network switch. Stop by booth 3223 for more information on this exciting learning opportunity and more!

Key Digital’s KD-IP1080TX and KD-IP1080RX are an HDMI over IP transmitter and receiver with support for PoE (Power over Ethernet). The IP transmitter and receiver were designed to be utilized as a way to build an entire video infrastructure using IP video components. With PoE, power can be carried to Tx and Rx units with a Power Over Ethernet enabled Managed Network Switch. Using these devices within the Key Digital ecosystem enables up to 1024 transmitters to be connected with unlimited receivers operating on the same network. This also enables a great degree of scalability, depending on the size of the system requirements. With this system HD video is transmitted from the HDMI input on the transmitters over Ethernet at only 15Mbps for high-quality video streaming. These signals can be reliably sent up to 400' using CAT5e/6 UTP/STP cable, and since the entire system exists on a network, every component can be configured and controlled over an intuitive software interface or with the free Key Digital app on iOS devices. For larger video installations, multiple units can be mounted in a rack using optional KD-RK120PLT rack hardware.

In a push to ensure customers have access to the best HD over IP products available, Key Digital is unveiling a new Enterprise AV system offering an unparalleled feature set. Key Digital will have product displays of the new KD-IP922 system UHD / 4K encoder and decoder designed with video wall builder, KVM, and simple expansion method beyond 48 port network switch. The KD-IP922 supports up to 8 vertical and 8 horizontal displays for an impressive maximum of a 64 panel video wall. The video wall configuration can be adjusted via the Key Digital App, universal management software, or can be programmed in the professional control system Compass Control Pro.

The KD-MLV4x2PRO provides Multiview functionality and seamless switching. This allows installers and users to give any large panel or screen video wall functionality. In full screen mode the screen will display any of the six (four HDMI and two VGA) video sources, in quadrant mode this view is all four video sources in equally sized-quadrants, and in multiview mode the option is to choose a primary video source on the top, bottom, left, or right of the screen while still viewing the additional three sources. In addition to multiview picture-in-picture functionality, KD-MLV4x2PRO is also a seamless switcher with uninterrupted screen transitions during source selections, making it ideal for conferencing and presentation applications where slow video sync time on the room’s projector can lead to user frustration. The KD-MLV4x2PRO offers maximized processing capabilities needed for the most technical applications including the ability to make custom screen layouts with layering and transparency features. A wide array of control options include IR, RS-232, TCP/IP via open API, and web control interface, in addition to Key Digital’s control system Compass Control Pro which has the most native interface for the product.

The KD-Pro8x8D high performance Matrix Switcher and Audio DSP with six standard-range and two long-range HDBaseT receivers. This versatile matrix switcher is compliant with HDCP2.2 standards, enabling distribution of encrypted content from popular playback devices like high resolution data, 4K set top boxes, UHD Blu-ray disc players, and 4K streaming players. This Key Digital device also includes the ability to support Ultra HD/4K: Video resolution of 4096 x 2160/24 and is supported for UHD capable TVs.

KD-MAX8x8 features analog and digital connections per input and output. This matrix switcher enables analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog conversion of signals, or can operate as two independent audio matrixes (one digital and one analog). Analog audio inputs are connected on balanced/unbalanced six pin phoenix terminal blocks, accommodating input signals from audio sources such as set top boxes and music players in addition to microphone and professional audio sources. Digital audio sources are input on a PCM coaxial RCA connection that supports surround formats up to Dolby and DTS 5.1. Key Digital’s engineers have analyzed the core requirements for non-mixed audio systems such as bar and restaurant and residential distributed audio. Each output of KD-MAX8x8 handles all pre-amp functionality, enabling integrators to connect directly into simple amplifiers. Any of the connected audio sources may be selected on any output and apply variable signal processing levels for volume, bass, mid, treble, balance, and lip sync.

Key Digital’s is pushing further into full systems integration with their first amplifier KD-AMP220. Built for small commercial or residential applications, KD-AMP220 has the power for classrooms and conference rooms and is space effective enough to be installed behind displays and power soundbars in a home.

Key Digital maintains and advances their role as the most modern control system in the AV industry with the launch of Compass Control Pro, which builds off of the existing software suite with exciting new look and feel, features, and functions. Compass Control Pro is a fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS & Android devices to replace traditional control interfaces. The cost-effective software suite excels in video control functionality, a key element in the proliferation of digital signage and video collaboration. There are no restrictions on the design and layout of a Compass Control interface – if it can be envisioned, it can be executed! Compass Control Pro also instantly integrates components from Compass Alliance Partners to create a simple plug-n-play system. Key Digital has partnered with Lutron, Leviton, Honeywell, KNX, and many additional industry leaders to enable Compass Control Pro’s control drivers and pre-configured GUI templates to streamline system development and reduced programming time.

About Key Digital®

Led by the “Father of DVD”, Mike Tsinberg, Key Digital® is an InfoComm, CEDIA, CES, and NAHB award winning manufacturer of professional distributed video and control system equipment.   

Since 1999, Key Digital has lead the constantly evolving  A/V industry by designing products that deliver industry leading quality, performance, and reliability to corporate, bar & restaurant, digital signage, education, government, and house of worship applications.  

Key Digital products are designed and engineered in-house in Mount Vernon, NY.  Superior quality, ease-of-installation, and versatility are the result of strenuous research, development, and testing. Expertise and unparalleled knowledge have created a unique hardware-software suite solution ideal for the consultants, designers, and installation firms of the A/V industry. Key Digital® is known to deliver best-in-class products based on quality, performance, and reliability. 

For more information, visit our webpage at http://www.keydigital.com.

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