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Effective product development is only achieved when technical achievement is combined with direction that can be realized only through a vision that begins and ends with our customers’ needs. Here, we present technical white papers aimed at educating our customers about core technologies driving our innovative products.
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  • 2009 Inductee as one of the Top 200 Pioneers of HDTV by
    the Academy of DTV Pioneers (CEA)
  • 2013 Adele De Berri Pioneers Award Recepient
  • SMPTE fellow
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Technical White Papers
H.264 and MJPEG Compression for HDMI over IP in ProAV applications

By Mike Tsinberg, 6/28/2017 - HDBaseT technology achieved a very significant goal for ProAV – twisted pair type cabling CAT5e/6/6a was now capable of providing clear, artifact-free digital HDMI video for distances up to 330 feet (100m). However, HDBaseT was specifically designed to be not compatible with IT infrastructure such as 1KBaseT or 10KVBaseT connectivity and switching products... » view paper

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology introduced by HDMI 2.0a for ProAV

By Mike Tsinberg, 11/15/2015 - HDR addresses current TV limitation - clipping of high brightness scenes on high contrast displays. As you see from pictures examples below, current Standard Dynamic Range system does not allow Higher Dynamic Range that would adequately expose both dark and extremely bright areas at the same time... » view paper

Practical use of 4K UHD resolution in ProAV applications

By Mike Tsinberg, 6/13/2015 - 4K UHD can quickly exceed all the available data bandwidth we have available through most common connectivity formats such as HDMI or HDBaseT. Therefore we have to carefully define color and bit sampling depth... » view paper

Making Long HDMI cables

By Mike Tsinberg, 6/11/2015 - Making long HDMI cables is not a trivial task. Sending heavy up to 18 Gb/s Video Audi load one way inside that cable is done by TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Coding) signal...
view paper

How to fix HDMI and HDCP connectivity with four layers of buffering

By Mike Tsinberg, 6/5/2015 - Our experiences indicated that we need to use a special four layer buffer in order to avoid HDMI connectivity mistakes and create solid reliable HDMI interface... » view paper

IQ Jumper Cable Patent White Paper

By Mike Tsinberg, 1/15/2015 - On January 6, 2015 Key Digital received a patent US 8,930,610 B2 for the invention of a method to transmit RS232 or IR control signals over standard HDMI cable... » view paper

Advantages of HDBaseT vs HD SDI

By Mike Tsinberg, 12/03/2014 - HDMI is often compared to HD-SDI for various Video Audio installations. However, fare comparisons have to be made between HDBaseT often used to deliver HDMI and HD-SDI... » view paper

HDCP 2.2 Facts and Fiction

By Mike Tsinberg, 10/03/2014 - Recently, upon the demand of content creators, HDCP instituted a new copy protection format.  This new format, HDCP 2.2, is designed to protect 4K UHD baseband signals from copyright infringements... » view paper

3D in the Consumer Marketplace

By Mike Tsinberg - Acceptance of 3D TV into consumer marketplace is very weak to say the least. It can be explained by a few factors... » view paper

How do we choose twisted pair cable?

By Mike Tsinberg - In current environment with so many cable types available it is sometimes difficult and confusing for the installer to decide appropriate twisted pair cable among types such as CAT5e, CAT6, UTP, STP and etc. » view paper

HDBaseT® Technology

By Mike Tsinberg - HDBaseT® is a new technology available for HDMI connectivity which enables the use of twisted pair wires to a greater extent than all previously used methods... » view paper

Analog Matrix Switching vs. ATSC Encoder Matrix Switching

By Mike Tsinberg - Two methods of analog matrix switching, traditional baseband analog switching method and the ATSC compressed method, which are used in commercial installations, recently warranted an important comparison. » view paper

HDMI Digital versus Analog Component Large Distribution Systems for Digital Signage and Retail Applications

By Mike Tsinberg - Comparison of Analog Component Daisy Chain Video Distribution System versus HDMI Digital Video Distribution Systemin Digital Signage and Retail Applications. » view paper

HDMI Over IP vs. HDMI Matrix Switching using CAT6/STP

By Mike Tsinberg - Although TCP/IP networks are typically used for applications such as Data, Voice, and some low quality video, using TCP/IP for high quality HDMI video connectivity has some potential drawbacks which we will try and outline here. » view paper

3D Features of the HDMI 1.4 Format

By Mike Tsinberg - The world of 3D Digital technology is upon us and we have to understand and implement new changes in order to go forward with 3D. An overview of the 3D features of the HDMI1.4 format with detailed look at 3D signal bandwidth requirements and format support. » view paper

Comparison of HDMI 1.0-1.3 and HDMI 1.4 usages for the Commercial and Residential Markets

By Mike Tsinberg - An in-depth look at history of the HDMI versions released up to this date, the features delivered in each version, and the use of these features in each respective HDMI standard. » view paper

How to Make HDMI Plug & Play Instead of Plug & Pray

By Mike Tsinberg - Many professional installers of AV equipment are calling HDMI Plug and Pray instead of Plug and Play. What is the reason behind such a degrading name? The digital connectivity predecessors to HDMI, DVI and VGA, were proven to be reliable Video connections. So what happened?... » view paper

Why Upgrade Your Installation with CAT5 cables

By Mike Tsinberg - CAT5 is a very popular and simple connection that can be used for every possible signal distribution throughout your installation. CAT5 cable with proper installation and the right technology, can make vast improvements in your A/V installation... » view paper