Video/Audio Balun with RCA and CAT5/6/7 Connections

The FAT CAT Series devices will convert analog video and analog or digital audio sources for transmission over CAT5 and CAT6 wire. The FAT CAT Series devices will act as a transmitting or receiving unit
Key Features:
  • Versatile engineering enables support of virtually any analog video signal,any analog or digital audio signal, as well as IR and RS-232 with necessary adapters
  • Shielded RJ45 Connector
  • Optimized for UTP cable
  • Passive (no power supply required)
Key Benefits:
  • Each unit can act as either transmitter or receiver
  • Extends Component (YPrPb) Video signals up to 300 ft. for best quality, 500 ft. for better quality, and 1000 ft. for good quality over a standard UTP CAT5/6/7 cable
  • Extends IR & Bi-Directional RS-232 up to 1,000 ft.
  • KD-C5CWP, KD-CAT5XRCA, KD-CAT5XBNC can be used with each other
  • Dip Switches help defeat grounding issues
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Compatible with:

General Info:

  • Unit Width: 4.75 inches
  • Unit Height: 1.25 inches
  • Unit Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • Unit Depth: 3.25 inches
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