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CAT5e/6 Balun Devices
Selecting the right CAT5e/6 Balun for my applicationWhy might I need a CAT5 Balun?
Q: Selecting the right CAT5e/6 Balun for my application.

Please see below our ever-expanding line of CAT5/6/7 Baluns, designed exactly to suit the needs of our home theater enthusiast, custom installer, business, and retailer customers; covering wide variety of Video/Audio formats.

Video/Audio Baluns- FatCAT Series™

  • KD-CATHD500 - HDMI/DVI via single CAT6/STP (Tx/Rx) Baluns, support 1080p/60 up to 300 ft. with IR, RS-232 and Ethernet
  • KD-CATHD - HDMI/DVI via dual CAT5e/6 Baluns (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-BBRX / KD-BBTX - HDMI/DVI & Audio via single CAT6/STP with Bi-Directional RS-232 & IR Smart Baluns™
  • KD-CATCVA - Video/Audio VGA/Component CAT5e/67 Cable Extender (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CATCV - VGA/Component CAT5e/6 Cable Extender (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CVARX - Video/Audio VGA/Component CAT5e/6 Cable Receiver
  • KD-VACTX / KD-VACRX - Component/VGA Video, Analog Audio, Digital Audio, and IR/RS-232 Control over Single CAT5e/6 Baluns
  • KD-VACWPRX - Component/VGA Video, Analog Audio, Digital Audio, and IR/RS-232 Control over Single CAT5e/6 RECEIVER Balun Wall Plate
  • KD-CATCVX - Composite Video & Stereo Audio Baluns (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CATVGA - VGA Baluns (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CATRCAAA - Component Video with Analog Audio Baluns (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CATRCADA - Component Video with Digital Audio Baluns (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CATRCAIR - Component Video with IR Pass Through Baluns (Tx/Rx)
  • KD-CATRCASA - Component Video with Stereo Audio Baluns (Tx/Rx)

Audio Baluns - FatCAT Series™

  • KD-CAT5XST - Audio Balun with RCA and CAT5e/6 Connection

Security Baluns - CCTV Series

  • KD-PVB - Passive Video Transceiver
  • KD-PVBP - Passive Video Transceiver with Power
  • KD-PVBPD - Passive Video Transceiver with Power and Data
  • KD-AUVTX - Single Channel Active Video Transmitter
  • KD-AUVRX - Single Channel Active Video Receiver
  • KD-4PUV - 4-Channel Passive Video Transceiver TX/RX
  • KD-4AUVRX - 4-Channel Active Video Receiver
Q: So, why might I need a CAT5e/6 Balun?

There are several reasons to use CAT5e/6 Baluns in your installation:

  • Extending HDMI/DVI runs to great distances affordably. HDMI cabling becomes very expensive with longer distances, this is where HDMI CAT6/STP Baluns become a great alternative.
  • Extending/Distributing Video/Audio signals to great distances within existing structures using already installed CAT5e/6 framework.
  • Complex Matrix Switching made easy with CAT5e/6 Baluns and CAT5/HDMI/Component/RGBHV Matrix Switchers combination with runs well beyond 150 ft.
  • Simplifying complex installs by having only CAT5e/6 wiring installed instead of running Video/Audio cabling.
  • Control signal (IR/RS-232) signal distribution via CAT5e/6. Professional AV systems require well-thought out control system integration. Simplify your install with Key Digital CAT5e/6 baluns.
  • CCTV Signal Distribution usually requires very long runs which can be handled easily with Key Digital CCTV Series™ Baluns