Meet Key Digital

Who We Are

Key Digital®, led by digital video pioneer Mike Tsinberg, develops and manufactures high quality, cutting-edge technology solutions for virtually all applications where high-end video and control are important. Key Digital® is at the forefront of the video industry for Home Theater Retailers, Custom Installers, System Integrators, Broadcasters, Manufacturers, and Consumers.

Key Digital® - like having your own Video Expert as your Guide

Mike and his entire Key Digital® team of Experts in Digital Video Technology and Solutions are the ones who engineer, design, and manufacture a wide range of products that enable video products to work together, seamlessly, flawlessly, exceeding the highest standards for video quality. Mike is a true video industry expert, leader of the Emmy-award winning DVD authoring team, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Fellow, inventor of forty patents, and Chair of numerous professional committees dedicated to digital video. As President of Key Digital®, Mike is in a unique position to infuse the best features, technology, and value into his products. Mike provides you with high-quality, cutting-edge technology, Key Digital® interconnectivity solutions, at prices you can afford.

Key Digital® - The Right Solution

Think first of Key Digital® the next time you need a video / audio switcher or distribution amplifier, a digital video processor, a video adapter, or high-quality cables. Not only do we have the solutions you've been looking for, but also all of our products give you that something extra. We also provide all the training and support you need for the smooth and simple integration of our products into your system. So sit back and let Key Digital® give you the best possible video image by providing a wealth of new solutions for all of your video processing and interconnectivity needs. With Key Digital®, you will be able to view the landscape as filled with solutions and picture-perfect quality.

Key Digital® - Product Lines

  • Control Systems - Compass Control®
  • HDBaseT/ HDMI Matrix Switchers
  • HDBaseT/HDMI Extenders
  • HDMI Matrix Switchers
  • HDMI Distribution Amplifiers
  • HDMI Boosters
  • Audio Matrix Switchers
  • High-End HDMI Cables
  • CAT6/STP Cables
  • Video Processors & Scalers
  • Interface Adapters

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