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New Compass Control Products:
KD-CCKIT1000 - Master Controller Kit for Compass Control®
KD-MC1000 - Master Controller (Wired/LAN, supports up to 8 ports)
KD-ZRC300 - ZigBee® Wireless 2.4 GHz &
IR Universal Handheld Remote Control
KD-ZRX200 - ZigBee® Wireless 2.4 GHz to
RS-232 TX & RX
HiFi Commercial ProK Ultra HD/4K HDMI Cables - CL3/FT4 UL Rated Super Sonic Speed 31.5Gbps, 1080p, Ultra HD/4K, 3D, Ethernet, ARC with RedMere Technology (30'-75' lengths)
KD-HD8x8Lite, KD-HD6x6Lite, KD-HD4x4Lite - Our Newest and Most Advanced HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switchers with built-in Compass Control® System inside
KD-CATHD250Lite & KD-CATHD250POH - HDBaseT/HDMI "Lite" via Single CAT5e/6 Extenders with Full Buffer System/IR (TX/RX)
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